Protective Surveillance is rapidly becoming more popular than the usual means of Close Protection. Protective Surveillance is a way of supplying protection covertly for an individual that wishes to go about their day to day routine without having visible protection.

Protective Surveillance has the advantages of being able to gather intelligence and conduct dynamic risk assessments of the surroundings and environment via Surveillance.


Protective Surveillance can be used to protect an individual from a threat.

Situations such as, harassment, crime, defamation of character / reputation or intimidation. This can be also used if you had concerns about your child/children’s safety, going to a place or abroad and would like a professional to be able to help them if a threat did arise, but still carried out covertly so that they can go about enjoying themselves without being over shadowed.


Our Ex-Military and Police trained operatives are highly experienced in protection and fully licensed and Certified through the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Professional and diligent with vast knowledge in all techniques of protection.

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